CZ 75 P-07 Duty Blowback

Brand: ASG
Price: $169.59
Price: $169.59
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Type: BB air pistol.
Manufacturer: ASG.
Model: CZ 75 P-07 DUTY.
Materials: Metal slide and polymer frame.
Weight: 1.8 pounds.
Barrel: Metal non-rifled.
Propulsion: CO2 x 1.
Action: Semi auto blowback, single action.
Ammunition Type: 4.5mm BBs.
Ammunition Capacity: 20 round magazine.
FPS: 361.

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Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the ASG CZ 75 P-07 DUTY is nice and light due to its true blowback operation that cocks the hammer back with each shot taken. For some reason there is a slight stickiness in the trigger when the metal magazine is loaded, but it does not affect the light weight of the trigger pull.

Accuracy: I shot the ASG CZ 75 P-07 DUTY gun at a target from 20 feet away in a free standing position, and it performed well getting a 1.5 to 2 inch grouping right in the center of the target. The sights are non-adjustable, but for me there was no need to adjust them. My Chrony testing with a five shot averaged result was 353 fps.

Build Quality: ASG did an awesome job designing and making the CZ 75 P-07 DUTY, they didn't seem to compromise on anything! Everything that should be metal and polymer is the same on this as the original, and the fit and finish is excellent!

Realism: The ASG CZ 75 P-07 DUTY is as close as you can get to the real steel; the only real giveaway is the slightly longer but-plate on the magazine (probably to allow for the CO2 screw tab). Everything about this gun is saying it's the real deal right down to the licensed CZ trademarks and the 9x19 caliber markings on the slide and ejection port.


  • Great usage of metal and polymer!
  • Realistic true blowback action.
  • Great looking gun with nice two-tone finish, and lots of attention to detail.
  • Good power, accuracy, and CO2 efficiency for a blowback gun.
  • Very usable sights.
  • Metal magazine.


  • Very hard to get this gun in North America.
  • Magazine but-plate is a bit on the long side, only tell-tale sign it's not the real 9mm version.
  • Trigger is a bit creepy when you have a loaded magazine.

Comments: I highly recommend the ASG CZ 75 P-07 DUTY blowback BB pistol to anyone looking for a very high quality BB pistol that does not compromise performance, build quality and realism. It may be a bit higher priced then some other blowback BB shooters on the market but it definitely sets a new standard for the others to try and achieve.

Barrel Size:3.29 Inch
Caliber:4.5 mm (.177 cal)
FPS:350 to 400
Ammo Type:Steel BB
Power Source:Co2
Rail Type:Weaver
Trigger Action:Double
Gun Blowback:Blowback
Rear Sight:Fixed
Front Sight:Blade

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Aug 16, 2017

Fantastic gun

Really glad I bought this gun. A bit expensive due to being hard to get in Canada but well worth the money. The quality is great and accuracy is good too. Shoots like a dream and fits the hand great as all CZs do. The two tone looks amazing. My next purchase will be another ASG product. Quality is superb for the money.
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Jul 20, 2015
Certified buyer

Powerfull and efficient

I'm new to airguns but I've already compared this one with two others and it'impressive. Flawless! Shooting non stop, it seems that it will never end. Very high quality obviously; gives the feeling that it's been made to shoot and not only to look at and that you ca trust it. That makes it a very satisfying article to own and use.
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Jan 06, 2015

fits like a glove

Typical cz replica, this pistol is very comfortable to hold and shoot. Good fps with a snappy blow back. Fair accuracy but as long as you know where to hold its consistent. I found that the quality could have been better. The front sight needed to be glued on as it flew off by just firing away. Firing pin washer broke and lost the firing pin. Was able to make my own stuff and make it work. But I really enjoy this pistol as its a blast to shoot and hold.
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Dec 25, 2014

Quality ASG product-what's not to love!!!

I received this gun a few days ago. The quality blew me away! Flawless out of the box, beautiful two tone metal slide, nice weight and balance in the hand. Good quality easy loading stick mag. The Co2 cover is reinforced and weighted with metal adding to the durability of the cover and balance of the gun.Nicely marked with logos and serial #s and no ugly warnings on the right side.I enjoy this gun so much that I have been shooting the heck out of it every day since I got it. On a new Co2 cylinder it has a good report, nice crisp blowback, shoots more accurately than either my STI Duty and my Colt Commander both which I really like. Seems good on gas and functions flawlessly. Cons- just a couple of small things. It would have been a good thing to have made the mag release, safety and slide release out of metal. The safety is not ambidextrous and on the right side it is molded to the frame. There are a lot more good things I could mention about this gun but this is getting long! If you are wanting to buy a first gun or gift for someone I don't think you would go too far wrong with this gun. Quality, reliability, accuracy and not too expensive---like the title says---whats not to love about this gun!!!
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Dec 08, 2014

Very good for self defence

I purchased the ASG CZ 75 P-07 DUTY Blowback CO2 BB Gun and is really impressed with it. It looks and feels like the real gun. Accuracy is extremely good. At a distance of 20m(65ft) I managed to shoot accurately at glass bottles and even breaking them. I was really amazed by the fact that this gun could break glass at that distance considering it is CO2. This gun can be considered a good weapon for self defence as it will cause quite a lot of damage at a short distance.
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ASG CZ 75 P-07 DUTY Blowback CO2 BB Gun Review

ASG CZ 75 P-07 DUTY Blowback CO2 BB Gun Review

(879 raters) 446000 views - 3/19/2011 11:11:37 PM - ASG CZ 75 P-07 DUTY Blowback CO2 BB Gun Review.

-CO2 Powered
-4.5mm Steel BB
-20 Round Metal Magazine
-CZ 75 P-07 DUTY Replica
-Semi Auto - Single Action
-Blowback Action
-361 FPS
-Purchased from

This video is a walkthrough review of the ASG CZ 75 P-07 DUTY Blowback CO2 BB Gun. I show off the gun close up from all angles and point out the metal and polymer components and the incredible attention to detail this gun offers. I also show you a target that I did a 10 shot accuracy test, from 20 feet out in a free standing position.

This is a very realistic and fun gun to shoot, it would make a great training weapon as it works and looks exactly like its real steel counterpart. Even with the Blowback feature, the CZ 75 P-07 DUTY gets good fps, shoots accurately and has very respectable CO2 efficiency. An all around great blowback BB pistol!

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