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Crosman DPMS SBR CO2 Blowback Steel BB Rifle

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Type: BB Rifle
Manufacturer: Crosman
Materials: Metal and Polymer
Weight: 6.2 lb (2817 g)
Barrel: Smoothbore
Power Source: 2x 12g CO2 cartridges
Action: Semi-Automatic/Full-Automatic
Ammo Type: 4.5mm Steel BBs
Ammo Capacity: 25 Rounds
FPS: 430

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the Crosman DPMS SBR BB Rifle is single action only since the charging handle must be cocked first before you can shoot it. The trigger is short and fairly light but not too light that a misfire can happen easily. This M4 rifle makes for a great action shooter in semi-auto or full-auto mode!

Accuracy: My first volley was with 10 rounds in semi-auto firing mode and resulted in a tight grouping with 8 out of 10 shots landing within ¾-inches. I then adjusted the sector switch to the much more fun full-auto mode for the 15 remaining rounds and let her rip until the bolt locked back. To be honest I was fairly surprised at how tight the group was. It only spread out to about 2 inches with not too much vertical drop, so velocity remained pretty consistent.

Build Quality: The Crosman DPMS SBR is well made all around. Weighing in at 6.2 pounds, it feels sturdy and solid. There is a lot of metal both inside and out, but keep in mind the top and bottom receiver are polymer. Pretty much all the movie parts are metal, including the magazine, the internals, the buffer tube and the barrel.

Realism: The Crosman DPMS SBR is about as real as you are going to get in a blowback M4 style airgun. You can even take it apart into the top and bottom receivers like the real steal version. The blowback action gives you some recoil but more importantly offers a true single action trigger and of course the full auto ability we all love. Almost all the moving parts work like they would on a real M4, other than the forward assist which is molded into the receiver.


  • Most realistic M4/AR BB rifle on the market
  • Full blowback operation with both semi and full auto shooting
  • Fires up to 430 FPS, over 1400 rounds per minute
  • Quadrail handguard provides room for laser and light accessories
  • Equipped with angled forgrip
  • Adjustable six position butt stock


  • Receiver is a polymer construction
  • Magazine has a limited 25rd capacity
  • Rear buttstock is not compatible with the AR platform

Comments: There's nothing not to love about the Crosman DPMS BB Rifle! The compact SBR (short barrel rifle) setup is lightweight and agile, perfect for target practice in full-auto mode. It's easy to upgrade with your choice of RIS accessories, and comes with some pre-installed features like flip-up iron sights and an angled forward grip. With an authentic single action trigger, functioning charging handle, and powerful blowback system, this gun provides an ultra-realistic M4 rifle firing experience!

Buy the Magazine: CRSDSFAM

Crosman DPMS SBR CO2 Blowback Steel BB Rifle Manual

Caliber:4.5 mm (.177 cal)4.5 mm (.177 cal)4.5 mm (.177 cal)4.5 mm (.177 cal)4.5 mm (.177 cal)
Action:Semi & Fully AutomaticSemi & Fully AutomaticSemi & Fully AutomaticSemi & Fully AutomaticSemi & Fully Automatic
FPS:400 to 450400 to 450400 to 450400 to 450400 to 450
Ammo Type:Steel BBSteel BBSteel BBSteel BBSteel BB
Power Source:Co2Co2Co2Co2Co2
Body Type:M4/M16M4/M16M4/M16M4/M16M4/M16
Blowback Action:BlowbackBlowbackBlowbackBlowbackBlowback
Rear Sight:Flip-upFlip-upFlip-upFlip-upFlip-up
Front Sight:Flip-upFlip-upFlip-upFlip-upFlip-up
Primary Material:Metal & PolymerMetal & PolymerMetal & PolymerMetal & PolymerMetal & Polymer
Magazine Capacity:2525252525
Options:Black w\ Extra MagazineBlack w\ Red DotBlack\Stealth GrayFlat Dark EarthBlack

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Dec 11, 2022

Super realistic.

Feels exactly like the real thing. Mostly polymer/metal and able to be field-stripped exactly like a real AR15. The action sounds and feels real, and the slide locks open after the last shot. It can hold 2 CO2 cartridges in EACH magazine, which gives about 3-4 full magazines per CO2. Allen key comes inside the magazine, and it is very quick and easy to install and load each mag. The magazine is plastic, however, and only holds 25 rounds but the realism of the rest of the gun makes up for it. I bought the red-dot version, and it's not the best quality but still works pretty well. I've heard some complaints about the speedloader, but it works fine for me. Loads a mag in about 2 seconds. It has Picatinny rails EVERYWHERE, and a threaded barrel so you can attach a mock suppressor. Very nice product. Would recommend it to anyone.
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Jun 09, 2022

Fun to use

Easy to use and nice to just take out to shoot some paper/small targets
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Nov 23, 2021

Looks the the real deal

I added my own red dot sight and flashlight. lots of room on the picatinny rails. I purchased 1 extra mag so 3 in total which on full auto is equivalent to about 30 seconds of fun then reload time.
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Crosman DPMS SBR CO2 Blowback BB M4 Field Test Shooting Review

Crosman DPMS SBR CO2 Blowback BB M4 Field Test Shooting Review

694 - 9/29/2021 7:21:54 PM

I finally got the chance to do my first official Field Test Shooting Video Review using the Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph and like my Test video everything went really well. I was a little bit scared since my first round through it shooting the Crosman DPMS SBR CO2 Blowback BB M4 was a "no read" but then the following 5 shots where all good. I think my shot placement was just a tad off on the first shot as I adjusted my aim a bit for the tore 5 shots. So getting to the results of the Crosman DPMS SBR CO2 Blowback BB M4 Air Rifle... I was using a somewhat used set of 12 gram CO2 cartridges that I had previously shot a couple of magazine through shooting in a bit of semi auto and full auto so I would assume I had at least half of, if not a bit more of my CO2 left in them. The Crosman DPMS SBR CO2 Blowback BB M4 was also fully warmed up and it had been a day since I shot it last which lets the CO2 and the gun warm up and pretty much perform as if it was using new CO2 for the most part. Read full article here: Buy the Crosman DPMS SBR in Canada: Buy the Crosman DPMS SBR in the US:

Crosman DPMS SBR CO2 Blowback BB M4 Table Top Review

Crosman DPMS SBR CO2 Blowback BB M4 Table Top Review

457 - 9/29/2021 7:26:52 PM

Type: BB Rifle. Manufacturer: Crosman. Model: DPMS SBR. Materials: Metal & plastic. Weight: 6.5 pounds (4.98 kilograms). Length: 26.9 - 30.4 inches. Propulsion: 12 gram CO2 dual cartridges. Action: Blowback - single action only. Ammunition Type: 4.5mm steel BB's. Ammunition Capacity: 25 rounds. FPS: 430fps. Rate of Fire: 1400 rounds per minute in full auto If you haven't figured it out already I love the Crosman DPMS SBR CO2 Blowback BB M4 Rifle and I know anyone that picks one up will love theirs too! I just wish we had them in our Replica Airguns Store but for now we are not Crosman distributes :( We do have some other nice M4/AR styled BB rifles like the HellBoy which I may put head to head against the Crosman DPMS SBR CO2 Blowback BB M4 Rifle at some point even though they are very different in how they operate and their pros and cons. Read full article here: Buy the Crosman DPMS SBR in Canada: Buy the Crosman DPMS SBR in the US:

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