Coloured Flares (Set of 10)

Price: $18.99
Price: $18.99
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Type: Flares
Range: 25 m (82 feet)
Burn Time: 3-4 seconds
Capacity: 10 rounds
Colours: Yellow, silver, green, red


  • Effective for signalling or scaring away animals
  • Yellow, green, silver or red colour options
  • Colourful visual effect is hard to miss
  • It can be fired up to a range of 25 m
  • Quick and efficient 3-4 second burn time


  • Contains only 10 rounds per tube
  • Flare doesn't burn as more expensive options

Comments: Stock up your blank gun pistol with a variety of ammo including these Coloured Flares. This set of 10 offers you a selection of yellow, silver, green and red flares for signalling or scaring off wildlife. Its colourful effect shoots out to a range of 25 m over a 3-4 second burn time.

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