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Blue Anodized Cylinder Head Aluminium Ver 2

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The ULTIMATE Upgrade Series cylinder head is precisely CNC machined from aluminum and subsequently anodized, each distinguished by a unique color code for effortless identification. These heads feature dual rubber seals to effectively reduce compression loss from the cylinder. Its innovative 'trumpet design' is tailored to ensure the most efficient air flow to the barrel/BB. Additionally, these cylinder heads incorporate a robust built-in rubber band that mitigates the impact from the piston head.

This version is tailored for version 2 gearboxes, including a rubber ring around the outer flange that lies against the gearbox. This design serves to absorb shocks and avert potential cracking at the gearbox front.

ULTIMATE’s cylinder components are meticulously engineered to optimize air compression and longevity. Thus, we strongly advise using only ULTIMATE® cylinder components, avoiding any mixing with other upgrade parts, as this could influence the effectiveness and overall performance of the modification.

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