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Beretta PX4 Storm Recon Blowback BB gun

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I've already done a review of the Non-Tactical Umarex PX4 Storm CO2 Blowback Pellet-BB Airgun so make sure to read up on it and also checkout my YouTube Video Review.

This post/video is mainly just to show you what the differences are between the Tactical Recon Version and Non-Tactical versions of the PX4 Storm and talk a little about the added accessories included in the Tactical version.

The base gun is literally exactly the same except for the two-tone coloration on the Tactical version. The Tactical version obviously comes with the addition of several accessories which makes it the "Tactical Model".

Firstly, there is the addition of the Suppressor. With an airgun, usually a suppressor is mainly for show as sound level is not often an issue! That said, an airgun can benefit from a suppressor in one big way - a longer barrel meaning more FPS. Unfortunately Umarex did not take advantage of adding barrel length to the PX4 Tactical model and I'm not really sure why. Even with a longer barrel I double that the PX4 Storm would exceed 500 FPS excluding it from the Canadian market. That's just my two cents on the suppressor but on a good note it seems to be all metal and well built.

There is also the addition of a "Tactical Bridge Mount" that allows you to add more accessories than just the under barrel ones available to the Non-Tactical version. The Tactical Bridge Mount actually gives you four locations to mount more accessories - bottom, top and both sides. The Tactical Bridge Mount is not the most ridged of mounts but it does the job and because it is more flexible, it may be less prone to breakage in a fall.

Umarex takes advantage of these rail locations by including a Red-Dot scope on the top and a Tactical Light on the left side. The Red-Dot scope is decent but there is room for improvement as it's fairly entry level. The Walther Tactical Light on the other hand is very nice and comes with a pressure sensitive thumb grip switch.

All in all you will pay about double for the PX4 Storm Recon over the basic PX4 Storm but it does make for an intimidating looking hand gun especially if you're into that tactical look!

Caliber:4.5 mm (.177 cal)
FPS:350 to 400
Ammo Type:Steel BB
Power Source:Co2
Trigger Action:Double
Blowback Action:Blowback

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