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Customer Reviews for Baikal MP-655K Pellet And BB Pistol

Brand: Baikal

Type: Pellet & BB air pistol
Manufacturer: Baikal
Model: MP-655K
Materials: Weapons grade metal slide & polymer frame
Weight: 1.5 pounds
Barrel: 4.4 inches, metal-rifled
Propulsion: CO2 x 1
Action: Semi auto, double and single action
Ammunition Type: .177 caliber lead pellets & 4.5mm steel BBs
Ammunition Capacity: 8 rounds rotary pellet magazine & 100 round BB hopper
FPS: 360

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the MP-655K is in the medium range with the single action being a bit lighter due to less cocking effort required. There is some force required to rotate the rotary magazines when shooting both pellets and BB's. It's important to make sure you use pellets that fit the rotary magazine correctly or they may move around and cause the magazine to bind up requiring additional trigger force.

Accuracy: I found the Baikal MP-655K to be a good shooter, this airgun took me some time to get used to however, so make sure to give it some time and also make sure to try an assortment of pellets as they do effect the trigger pull and the trigger pull ultimately effects accuracy. I did get about a 2 inch 8 shot grouping from an unrested 20 foot out position but I know this gun is capable of much better results. BBs also did fairly well in my test results. My Chronograph testing also confirmed that you can expect to get feet per second rating in-between 300 and 360 fps when using both pellets and BBs.

Build Quality: Excellent, like just about all the Baikal products, these guns are built to very high standards. The designs are sometimes unusual but you can count on the quality to be top notch and in most cases there is little to no difference between the materials used in Baikal's real guns and their air guns.


Realism: The Baikal IZH MP-655K is closely based on the real steel Baikal Viking 9mm semi auto pistol, or (Yarygin pistol) the latest Russian standard military-issue side arm. As far is looking and feeling like a real gun, it sure plays the part. Both the air gun version and 9mm version have steel slides and polymer frames.


  • Very high quality materials.
  • Tuff looking gun, looks and feels more like a real gun then an airgun
  • Unique design, only 100 round BB pistol that I know of.
  • Easy to load BBs, just dump them in and shoot.
  • Can shoot Pellets and BB's.
  • Shoots both in single and double action.
  • Fully adjustable rear sight for windage and elevation.
  • Magazine is easy to load CO2, also has storage for extra BB's.
  • Good for lefties too, ambidextrous safety and magazine release.
  • Made in Russia!


  • You will have to read manual and get used to this guns operation.
  • A bit hard to load the pellet magazine at first.
  • Trigger is kind of funny and a bit hard on fingers.

Comments: The Baikal MP-655K Pellet and BB Air pistol is another excellent product from Baikal, it is an extremely unique air gun in that it shoots both pellets with an 8 shot rotary magazine but can also shoot up to 100 BBs with its integrated 100 round BB hopper and special adapted magnetized rotary BB magazine! The quality of this gun is outstanding and there are tons of great features like the rifled barrel, fully adjustable sights, single and double action trigger, moving slide with slide catch, weapons grade materials and of course the ability to shoot both pellets and BBs. You are going to need to take some extra time to fully understand how to best use this air gun but the extra effort is well worth it in the end!

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Oct 14, 2016

Baikal 655K

I bought the Baikal 654K about 10 years ago, & was extremly impressed...I was in hospital recently, & the only entertainment was the patient WiFi,I wanted to look at guns, but the child protection was on & it wouldn't let me !I thought ok, ill look at the russian sites, & that was the first time I had heard of & saw the MP655K, & decided when I get out, I'm gonna get one! !!When I first unwrapped it & picked it up, I was disapointed, it was quite 'rattlely' (I found this was mainly caused by the end of the barrel rattling against the topslide, & I cured it with a piece of 'Micropore' medical paper tape wrapped around the end of the barrel, coloured black, so you can't see it, with a black marker pen... This stopped the rattle)The main barrel is also a fake, the real barrel is about an inch bellow it (it Just looks like a hole), & if I had known this, I wouldn't have bought it (I like all my guns to look, load, & shoot like the real thing), & that would have been a shameIt takes a lot of reading & re reading of the manual (The Russian to English translation didn't work to well!).When I sussed it out, I found this was a very complicated, but very clever gun, & it soon grew on me.A small laser fitted to the little underside rail made it much more accurate (the barrel is sooo low you can't see where your rounds are hitting, because the topslide is in the way !!Buy one ! You will LOVE it (I do!)
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Money Value
Jan 12, 2016

Very interesting

First off - a disclaimer, I have the Baikal Makarov MP-654K and to be honest I was hoping that the MP-655K was going to be a modern version, so when I opened the box I was disappointed. It's light, lots of little rattles, and to a hand that was expecting another air gun built like a T-80 tank, this one felt more like a Smart Car. But having said that... I like it.It's unique, it's good looking, the BB handling is amazing, (I consider this a BB gun that can shot pellets, not the other way around, so my primary ammo will be BBs, and who can argue with a 100 BB hopper). After all the complains I've heard about the trigger, I really like it, maybe it just fits my hand so well that the trigger slides right into place, I haven't had any issues with it being sharp or difficult (It's no Beretta 92FS trigger mind you).It's the dead of winter so no real chance to shoot it except for one CO2 in temperatures way to cold to get an proper impression (just fired off 75 or so just to make sure it was functioning), but I have to tell you that come Spring the ease of loading a hundred pellets is going to result in this being my "go to, quick run out to the back yard and blow off so steam pistol" (I'd best increase my BB and CO2 budget).Bottomline, 2 things, this is an air gun for people who are looking for something different from the, pardon the expression, "run of the mill" but spectacular Umarex and ASG offerings, (if it wasn't for Umarex I wouldn't be an air gun enthusiast), And second, if like me you are a Baikal fan, do yourself a favour, get this one first, enjoy it then order the Makarov and prepare to be blown away.
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