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ASG X9 CO2 Blowback Steel BB gun

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Type: BB Pistol
Manufacturer: ASG
Model: X9
Materials: Full metal
Weight: 885 g (2.1 pounds)
Length: 213 mm (8.2 inches)
Power Source: CO2
Action: Double-action
Ammo Type: 4.5mm steel BBs
Ammo Capacity: 16 rounds
FPS: 312

Buy the magazine: ASG18527

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the ASG/KJWorks Beretta X9 Classic is very good in both single and double action. Double action is a bit longer and heavier than when shooting in single action since the hammer is being drawn back, but not overly heavy by any means. Single action shooting is short, light and crisp as you would expect when shooting a real steel Beretta 92 style pistol.

Accuracy: I have not done my actual Field Test Shooting video review for the ASG/KJWorks Beretta X9 Classic CO2 BB Pistol but I did get the chance to make a short preview video where I shot the airsoft version of this M9 Beretta at some clay pigeons setup around 20 feet away. I was able to pop the center out of the clay pigeons no problem and found that even without any practice I was consistently hitting dead center on most shots. I am not sure exactly what the FPS will be but it should for sure get at least the claimed 312 FPS if not a bit more.

Build Quality: As expected, the ASG X9 Classic Beretta M9 CO2 Blowback 4.5mm BB Pistol build quality is just like all the other KJWorks Airsoft guns I've tested so far. The ASG 4.5mm Steel BB shooting X9 Classic has more of a matte finish but I kind of like it, not so many finger prints on the gun. All the tolerances between the moving parts like the slide and frame are very tight, showing excellent workmanship and machining from KJWorks.

Realism: The ASG X9 Classic Beretta M9 CO2 Blowback 4.5mm BB Pistol is an excellent copy of the real steel popular Beretta M9, it is really hard to tell it apart from the real version and the ASG X9 Classic can even be field stripped in the same manner as a real Beretta M9 Semi Auto pistol with the similar functioning parts. The only missing aspect would be Beretta licensing since the ASG version is unlicensed.


  • Really nice replica of the original Beretta M9
  • Great weight and feel to it
  • All metal design, fit and finish is very good as is with all KJWorks guns
  • Strong slide spring so should have nice heavy blowback action
  • Realistic working safety and working slide catch and release
  • Full size dropout metal magazine that holds steel BBs and CO2
  • Can be field stripped like original Beretta M9


  • Not licensed like the Umarex version
  • Non-adjustable sights and white dot sights are kind of light
  • Will eat up CO2 pretty quickly

Comments: There are very few 4.5mm Steel BB guns made by KJWorks and it seems that ASG as far as I know is the only distributer that has teamed up with KJWorks to have them make some of their guns. I reviewed the ASG CZ 75 which is another ASG/KJWorks distributer 4.5mm CO2 Blowback Pistol. I don't even think you can get the 4.5mm Steel BB shooting version direct from KJWorks? What I love most of all about the ASG X9 Classic Beretta M9 CO2 Blowback 4.5mm BB Pistol is that it is made by KJWorks since there are already a lot of Beretta M9s and Mod. 92s out there but if I could only have one it would probably be the ASG X9 Classsic!

Caliber:4.5 mm (.177 cal)
FPS:350 to 400
Ammo Type:Steel BB
Power Source:Co2
Trigger Action:Double
Body Type:M9
Blowback Action:Blowback
Primary Material:Full Metal

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Mar 27, 2021

High quality gun

I really like it, it is well made.
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Mar 23, 2021

Good enough

The gun is awesome in term of replica. This issue is with the magazine... It's loose, it's clakiticlak way to much when you shake the gun... PLUS, BB's get stuck in the magazine, even when I put oil in the BB slide, they get stuck... For a complete (+/- 15 BB's), fully oiled magazine, I have to take it out of the gun and swing back and fort the spring about 3 times to emptied the magazine. So beside the REALLY POOR accuracy, plastic trigger and the magazine issue, it's an awesome replica, feel's great in hand, weight is good, looks very great!
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Mar 23, 2021
Certified buyer

Good pistol

Works very well. good weight. Sounds like a real one. BUT the black paint wears off easily.
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Aug 09, 2020
Certified buyer

Smooth Action

I love ASG pistols and this one is no exception. The workmanship and material is always top notch right down to the box. I like running AGS gas and blaster BBs exclusively and keep it nice and lubed up. This one doesn’t shoot hard but the action is very smooth and although they could have done a little more with the sites this is likely one of the more accurate BB pistols around. Overall just a really nice all metal replica.
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Feb 10, 2018
Certified buyer

Beretta lover's choice

This is definitely a beretta lover's choice!
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