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ASG Universal Metal Barrel Extension Tube

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Type: Barrel Extension Tube
Manufacturer: ASG
Material: Aluminum
Dimensions: 117.3 mm (4.62 in) x 19 mm (0.75 in)


  • Durable metal construction
  • Adds a tactical look to your BB pistol
  • Compatible with a variety of ASG CO2 BB pistols


  • Does not offer any silencing effect
  • Not compatible with airsoft pistols

Comments: Although the ASG Universal Metal Barrel Extension Tube offers no measureable sound reduction, it is an aesthetically-pleasing airgun accessory. Features include durable aluminum and a 12mm external thread. Compatible with a select number of ASG CO2 BB pistols, including the ASG Bersa Thunder 9 PRO 4.5mm, CZ 75 P-09 Duty, and the ASG Bersa BP9CC.


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Sep 30, 2020


Its a nice cosmetic item, but you can improve it... I added a thin grey acoustic foam , around 4mm thin... rolled lining inside the tube, to absorb sound. So now it works nicely
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Jun 19, 2020
Certified buyer

ASG silencer

Really love the look it gives the gun but would’ve liked to see it a bit longer maybe thicker and an inner barrel to aid in accuracy perhaps.
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Apr 20, 2020

Look cool !

for the looks but can be easaly modified for reel sound damping !
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Jun 12, 2016

Nice accessory for CZ 75d Compact

I added this accessory to the cart for my CZ 75d Compact bb pistol and I'm really pleased with it performance.As usual Replica Air Guns did a great job filling and shipping the order promptly. The gun arrived shooting hard and accurate right down the middle, only a very slight half inch high, out of the box. Very impressed with the ASG CZ 75D.The barrel extension comes with a key which you insert into the barrel of select CZ, BERSA and STEYR guns. This unscrews the end cap of the barrel revealing the threaded portion. The threads are a bit fine so it can be a little finicky to get the extension started but it soon screws on nice and secure giving your gun a whole other look for just $12.As for the sound, I think the actual sound level is almost exactly the same with or without the extension, but what does change is the timbre of the gun's report. The extension seems to roll off the high end slightly rounding it off from a CRACK to more of a THUMP. This especially noticeable if you shoot with and without the extension on a half depleted CO2 cylinder. For some reason it's more noticeable after the third magazine.For $12 you can't go wrong. Gives your gun a different look, although just as loud it gives your gun a softer, almost TV silencer sound effect near the end of the CO2 cylinder, and it doesn't seem to negatively affect the CZ 75D's accuracy one bit.Highly recommended.
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