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ASCU Control Unit For 5th Gen Gearbox Version 3

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The ASCU3 Gen.5 is the latest generation of the popular Airsoft Smart Control Unit, which is an electronic module, that makes every standard AEG with Marui type Ver. 3 gearbox, work exactly as the most expensive and sophisticated Airsoft rifles known as Professional Training Weapons.

The 5-th Generation has been in development and extensively tested for 18 months. The main goal was to achieve an unmatched reliability and compatibility with the most of the existing motors and batteries used in airsoft.

With the 5th generation, Airsoft Systems have taken a completely new approach on the hardware, which eliminates the chance for the most common failures to happen. The extensive tests have proven that ASCU3 Gen5 and ASCU3 Gen5 are extremely stable and can survive all the cases that have caused previous generations to fail.

The Generation 5 ASCU features the following updates:

Optimized dual MOSFET combination for increased reliability and performance

  • Faster active brake
  • Stronger trigger switch
  • Reinforced design with full polymer encasing
  • Improved short-circuit protection
  • Easier installation

As always our new ASCU2 Gen5 and ASCU3 Gen5 will be backed with Airsoft Systems unmatched 3 Year World Wide Warranty

The new 5th generation units can be installed with ease, with no need of soldering or modifying existing parts. It has five selectable realistic fire modes including AK mode where Semi and Auto is reversed:

3-round burst/full auto combo mode and semi

  • Full auto and Semi
  • 3-round burst and Semi
  • Semi only
  • AK Mode: reversed Semi and Full auto

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