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Airsoft Mechanical BB Shower Simulation Hand Grenade

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Manufacturer: ProShop
Grenade Type: Spring Powered
Material: High Strength Polymer
BB Capacity: 130~
Height: 5"
Diameter: 2"
Weight: 7oz


  • Lightweight and durable polymer construction
  • Mechanical Spring powered impact triggered BB shower grenade; no need for gas or batteries
  • Easy resetting, easy loading reusable design
  • Pin and spoon style safety
  • Compatible with BBs as well as water gel balls


  • Can hold up to 130 6mm BBs
  • Fling BBs at a radius of 5 - 8m

Comments: The new 6mmProShop BB grenade features a simple spring powered design that requires little maintenance and no clean up at all.  It can be deployed over and over again and is very cheap alternative to expensive and traditional grenades.  It works great with 6mm BBs and will equally take water gel balls.

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