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Air Venturi V10 Match Spring NBB Pellet gun

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Type: Pellet Pistol
Manufacturer: Air Venturi
Model: V10 Match Pistol
Materials: Metal and Wood
Weight: 885 g (1.95 lb)
Barrel: Rifled
Power Source: Pneumatic Piston
Action: Single Shot
Ammo Type: .177 Pellets
Ammo Capacity: 1 Round
FPS: 400 FPS

Trigger Pull: Very light out of the box and should be good to go for most people. The trigger, sights, and even the pistol grip are fully adjustable so you can set up your V10 any way you like.

Accuracy: I shot 6-7 rounds downrange on a fresh paper target set up about 30 feet away. Sitting with a sandbag up front for stability, my Air Venturi V10 Match Pellet Pistol shot 6 out of the 7 rounds all in one hole that stretched out to about 1/4 of an inch. I did get one flyer that extended the grouping to about an inch, but this gun is accurate no doubt, even with my limited shooting skills.


  • Competition grade rifled barrel provides outstanding accuracy
  • Single stroke pneumatic pump fires up to 400 FPS
  • Two stage adjustable trigger
  • Walnut grip with stippling and adjustable palm shelf
  • Comes with hard-shell polymer pistol case


  • Not designed for left-handed shooters
  • Not ideal for targets further than 10 meters
  • No safety

Comments: The Air Venturi V10 is a perfect entry-level pellet pistols for anyone looking to get into competition shooting. The single stroke pneumatic pump, rifled steel barrel, and precision adjustable sights provide reliable firing for 10-meter target shooting. It can be tailored to your hand with a fully adjustable trigger and hardwood palm shelf. The power plant is completely recoil and vibration free, allowing for dead eye accuracy with every shot.

Caliber:4.5 mm (.177 cal)
FPS:400 to 450
Ammo Type:Pellet
Power Source:Spring-Piston
Trigger Action:Single
Blowback Action:Non-Blowback
Rear Sight:Adjustable
Front Sight:Blade and Ramp
Primary Material:Metal and Wood
Magazine Capacity:1

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Oct 12, 2018

The pistol to buy if you wish to shoot better -- save up & get it.

Fantastically accurate pellet pistol (after you sight it in). The manual is a little lacking in info, so just know that you can adjust the rear sights up/down & left/right 'til you're zeroed in. You can also adjust the width of the rear sight (by turning the recessed screw on the left of the sight) so that they're wider (they come very close together). I bought a couple of CO2 pistols so I could shoot at home (a 1911 & a Mauser), but they're simply not accurate (fun tho), & I find the magazines always cack out after a while. This Air Venturi is as accurate as my (real) Colt Gold Cup 1911 & my vintage Hi-Standard Victor .22 target pistol. The only con is that the wood grips come with sharp edges & should be shaped with a Dremel tool or a file ... as well as the annoyance of the sharp edges, the contour of the wood underneath the trigger guard is too high: you can't get your hand as high as possible in line with the barrel (for accuracy) unless you shave them down... this is a small matter tho. BTW the kind of pellets matter: the RWS R 10 Match 8.2g pellets don't shoot in my gun (too tight?), so I use JSB Exact Premium and H&N Finale Match. A wonderful pistol.
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