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Advanced Hop-up Chamber/ Inner Barrel Locking Ring

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Manufacturer: Airtech Studios
Type: Inner Barrel Locking Ring
Compatibility: M4 and Scar Maxx Hop-up chambers
Materials: Ultra-tough polycarbonate


  • Fully lock on the inner barrel and hop-up chamber.
  • Elongated O-ring to latch onto the inner barrel.
  • Stabilized System Prevents any vibrational shift on the hop set-up.
  • Improve shooting consistency.
  • Tough Polycarbonate Construction. 6x silicone O-rings are also included with the package used to replace the spring that goes along the inner barrel. Tests incrementally you need for a perfect fit.


  • Compatible designs:
  • MAXX CNC Aluminum Hop-up Chamber ME - PRO & SPORT
  • MAXX CNC Aluminum Hop-up Chamber MI - PRO & SPORT
  • MAXX CNC Aluminum Hop-up Chamber SV - VFC SCAR-L/H
  • MAXX CNC Aluminum Hop-up Chamber ME - Umbrella Armory Ver.
  • MAXX CNC Aluminum Hop-up Chamber ME - EMG & Specna Arms Ver
  • NO hop-up chamber included.

Comments:  The Advanced locking ring is designed to replace the current Maxx O-ring (Normally brass) ring at the end of setting up the hop unit.  This new advanced model comes longer in size to lock more of the inner barrel and hop-ups surface area to further stabilize the sensitive system, limiting vibrations and inducing more consistent shots.

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