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225g Inert Bear Training Spray

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Manufacturer: Yukon Magnum
Spray: 5 seconds
Spray Distance: > 20 feet
Spray Pattern: Cone
Weight: 225g
Height: 8 1/2”


  • A vital component of bear safety training courses
  • Safely practice bear spray deployment
  • Contains inert propellant only
  • Reduces costs of staff orientation and bear awareness programs
  • Spray distance of approximately 20 feet (6-7 meters)


  • FOR PRACTICE/TRAINING PURPOSES ONLY (contains no red pepper, capsaicin or capsaicinoids)

Comments: Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or you need to prepare for bear country, this spray is a must-have.  This pepper free formula offers the same style of can and pressure as a real bear deterrent yet does not have any active ingredients.  It should be used only for training practices, meant to help you gain more confidence and acquaintance in using real bear sprays.



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