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1600mAh NiMH 8.4V AEG Mini Battery

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Type: NiMH Airsoft Battery
Voltage: 8.4V
Weight: 363 g (0.8 pounds)
Capacity: 1600 mAh
Connector: mini Tamiya
Configuration: mini type


  • High 1600mAh rating for longer battery life
  • NiMH batteries are user-friendly and easily rechargeable
  • Durable and long-lasting batteries can withstand hundreds of charging cycles
  • Specifically designed for airsoft guns


  • LIPO batteries are less bulky and have a faster rate of fire
  • Not compatible with all AEGs

Comments: Your AEG is only as good as its batteries. The 8.4V 1600mAh NiMH Battery is a reliable powersource designed to improve your weapon's rate of fire. It features a 1600mAh capacity for long-lasting power, and comes with a mini Tamiya connector. This mini battery will fit a wide variety of AEGs.

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