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KJWorks KP 11 - Cybergun FNX -45 Tactical Airsoft Pistol Preview

(157 raters) 14,719 views - 6/5/2016
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Another Airsoft Pistol Preview Video to share with everyone. First up we have a nice lighter weight CO2 powered 1911 from KJWorks called the KP-11 The lower receiver is polymer which helps to keep this gun a little bit lighter all around but it still has good weight to it coming in at a little over 2 pounds, the grips are larger than some 1911's since the KP-11 has a double stack style full size drop out metal magazine. You will also find some nice Tactical upgrade like adjustable white dot sights, a lower rail for accessories and milled trigger and hammer.

I also show off an interesting and not all that common pistol from Cybergun, the FNX -45 Tactical in Gas Blowback. For import into Canada it ships with a longer barrel which stick out of the front of the gun but it also comes with a shorter barrel you can install after your receive it. The Longer barrel gives the Cybergun FNX -45 Tactical Airsoft Pistol the extra velocity to allow it to be Canada import ready. The FNX -45 Tactical is a really detailed and well built Airsoft Pistol. By the way the FNX -45 Tactical is also availabl in Dark Earth color.

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