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KWA Ronin TK.45 Tekken AEG 2.5 & 3 Airsoft Rifle Preview

(170 raters) 9,360 views - 4/6/2019
Make sure to visit my written post for this video with additional photos over on ReplicaAirguns.com:

-Type: Airsoft Rifles
-Manufacturer: KWA
-Model: Ronin TK.45
-Materials: Metal and Polymer
-Weight: (AEG 2.5: 2676g - 5.9 b) (AEG 3: 3230g - 7.1lb)
-Barrel: Smoothbore
-Power Source: Electric (Battery)
-Action: Semi-Automatic/Full-Automatic
-Ammo Type: 6mm Airsoft BBs
-Ammo Capacity: 120 Rounds
-FPS: 380

This is going to be the only video this week. I’m turning 50 on Friday April 5th and had a goal that I wanted to complete before I reached 50. I wanted to get my 1993 Ducati 750 Super Sport all fixed up and ready to go, and it’s been a lot of work cleaning, fixing, painting… Perhaps it’s a bit of a mid life crisis sort of thing but at least it’s gotten my but in gear :) Stay tuned till the end of the video for some video of what the mighty Ducati looks like today if you’re into that sort of thing!

Getting back to the KWA Ronin TK.45 Tekken AEG 2.5 & AEG 3 Airsoft Rifles. You may remember my Shot Show Interview with Jonathan, well he went front to back and up and down the entire KWA product line ending with the KWA Ronin TK.45 Tekken AEG 2.5 & AEG 3 Airsoft Rifles and boy does he know his stuff, I will be adding the portion of Jonathan’s interview that deals with these rifles at the end of this video also.

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