June Update with New Products from Sig Sauer - Crosman - KWC - Air Venturi - Pocket Shot

(263 raters) 10,302 views - 6/29/2019
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Again I have some new products to show everyone. Some we got a bit of a preview of when I was at SHOT Show 2019 earlier this year but now I have them in my hands to show off and of course will be doing full Table Top and Filed Test for anything new as soon as I can get to them...

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Here are the items I talk about in this June 2019 Update Video:

Sig Sauer P365 CO2 Blowback BB Pistol:

Crosman’s MPW Full Auto CO2 BB Rifle:

Air Venturi Springfield Arms XDM 3.8 GBB Airsoft:

Air Venturi Springfield Arms XDM 4.5 GBB:

KWC NBB CO2 BB Makarov PM:

Pocket Shot Pro Arrow Pouch with D-Loop: