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Umarex HK G36 KV AEG (EBB) Blowback Airsoft Rifle Table Top Review

(321 raters) 76,914 views - 12/22/2012
http://www.ReplicaAirguns.com - Umarex HK G36 KV AEG (EBB) Blowback Airsoft Rifle Table Top Review.

-AEG (EBB) Blowback Operation
-6mm Plastic Airsoft BB's
-6.3 Pounds
-H&K G36 KV Assault Rifle Replicas
-Semi and Full Auto.
-Metal & Polymer Design
-450+ FPS
-400 Round Magazine
-Available at: www.ReplicaAirguns.com

This video is a walk through table top and shooting review of the Umarex HK G36 KV Assault Rifle. I show off this modern made compact Assault Rifle from all angles and point out the main components and build materials used. I talk about my brief testing of the feet per second velocity using .20 gram Airsoft BB's with a Chronograph to see if it compares to the manufacturers stated fps. I also did a quick test shooting it from 30 feet out using a rested shot position to see what kind of accuracy I could get out of the Umarex HK G36 KV Assault Rifle.

This is my first Umarex Airsoft rifle product review and I have to say it really seems good so far, I have not had a lot of hands on time shooting the Umarex HK G36 KV but right out of the box I was getting very good results, nice high 450+ fps and good groupings even out at further range. The fit and finish are all very good and the realism is as good, if not better than other Airsoft AEG I have reviewed. I like the built in 3x Optical Scope and the addition of an upper rail to accommodate a Red Dot, this gives you the ability to acquire quick close up shot placements using a Red Dot while also being able to focus in on further out targets using the magnified optical scope. I look forward to my official Field Test shooting review.

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