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Chiappa New Rhino Airgun at Show 2020 Las Vegas

(286 raters) 10,477 views - 2/12/2020
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This isn’t a SHOT Show 2020 Interview but most certainly worth reporting on. While walking around SHOT Show I ventured into the Chiappa Booth as I own a .22 caliber 1911 styled pistol from them and they do have some interesting products to take a look at.

Then I saw a red tip on one of their Chiappa Rhino Revolvers which caught my eye since I was not aware that Chiappa was making an Airgun version of their Rhino. Well as it turns out they are hoping to be shipping both an Airsoft version and Steel BB version around spring time and from what I can tell there will be two finishes, a kind of Gold Satin finish and also a Back finish version. As is with a lot of revolvers these days they will be shell loading which will help them look the part of a real steel Chiappa Rhino Revolver.

Looking forward to getting my hands on one when they come out in Spring this year!

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