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November 2019 Update - Black Friday Sale & Halloween Contest Winners

(82 raters) 2,274 views - 11/20/2019 - November 2019 Update - Black Friday Sale & Halloween Contest Winners:

In this Replica Airguns YouTube Video I talk about our already in progress Black Friday Sale and also who the winners are for this Years Replica Airguns Halloween Contest Giveaway.

Starting with the Replica Airguns Black Friday Sale you can already save up to 30% on select items in our Canada Replica Airguns Online Store. This is kind a pre-sale so if you see something you like grape it now since we may be changing the sale items up as we get closer to and for Black Friday.

Black Friday Sale:

Now onto our 2019 Replica Airguns Halloween Contest Giveaway winners, you guys decided which videos you liked best so here are the winners in order of most lies, I have also included views for your reference.

#1 EDDIE ADD: 747 views / 87 likes.
Winner of a Crosman Bushmaster Full Auto BB Rifle

#2 First State Airgun Reviews: 437 views / 45 likes.
Winner of a KWC 24/7 Blowback BB Airsoft Pistol

#3 WoodenWonder: 590 views / 39 likes.
Winner of an Umarex Legends Makarov NBB BB Pistol

#4 Jaydon HP: 394 views / 32 likes.

#5 Bandi: 389 views / 13 likes.

Thanks so much to our 5 video entry participants, you all did a really great job!

Here is the 2019 Replica Airguns Halloween Contest Playlist Link: