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Gletcher CLT B25 CO2 BB Revolver Field Test Shooting Review

(115 raters) 15,063 views - 5/2/2015
Check out the my website post for the Gletcher CLT B25 CO2 BB Revolver including detailed photos: http://www.replicaairguns.com/posts/2015/5/2/gletcher-clt-b25-co2-bb-revolver-field-test-shooting-review.html

This is my Official Field Test Shooting Review video for the Gletcher CLT B25 CO2 BB Shell Loading Revolver. This pistol is actually made by KWC and is the same base gun that Umarex uses in their Licensed Colt Python 357 6 inch barrel version.

In this Shooting video I performance various Field Tests on the Gletcher CLT B25 using my Chronograph to get a true live performance reading of the velocity in fps. I also shoot 6 rounds at a paper target positioned 30 feet from my semi-rested position (Sand bag up front and standing in the back).

Velocity wise, the Gletcher CLT B25 CO2 BB Revolver shot a little low while using standard 5.1 grain zinc coated steel BB's coming in with a 5 shot average of 280 fps. the claimed the fps from Gletcher is 100 m/s which works out to 328 fps so there is room for some improvement, perhaps on a warmer day I may see these numbers?

I then moved back to my 30 feet shooting position to test out the accuracy using paper target, the Gletcher CLT B25 CO2 BB Shell Loading Revolver produced n OK 6 shot grouping that was just over 2 inches in diameter. Not supper but also not too bad considering the short barrel and how tight the front and back sights are together. I'm pretty sure I can do a bit better as one of the shots did pull a bit out form the rest making the grouping larger than it could have been.

Overall, the Gletcher CLT B25 CO2 BB Revolver shot pretty has a nice feel to it when shooting, the trigger/hammer setup is nice in both single and double action, the grips and balance feels good and overall this is a very fun shell loading BB revolver to shoot.

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