Cybergun GSG 92 CO2 BB Gun Review

(449 raters) 166,951 views - 8/20/2010 - Cybergun GSG 92 CO2 BB Gun Review.

-CO2 Powered
-4.5mm Steel BB
-22 Round Magazine
-Beretta 92FS Styling
-Semi Auto SA/DA
-Easy to Full Auto Mod
-Blowback Action
-330+ FPS
-All Metal Construction

This video is a walkthrough Review of the Cybergun GSG 92 CO2 BB Gun. I show off the gun close up and do a field strip, I also take you through many of the features. One thing I forgot to mention in this video is that the BBs load in the magazine with the CO2 almost exactly like they do in the Cybergun Sig Sauer X-Five. So watch my other video on the Sig to see how to load BBs.

This is a very realistic and fun gun to shoot, it would make a great training pistol as just about everything about it works like the real steel!

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