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Umarex Morph 3X CO2 BB Gun Table Top Review

(296 raters) 31,061 views - 9/1/2017
Umarex Morph 3X CO2 BB Gun Table Top Review:

Type: BB air pistol/Rifle.
Distributer: Umarex.
Model: Morph 3X.
Materials: Mostly polymer with some metal inner parts.
Weight: 2.5 pounds.
Barrel: 4.5 inches, non-rifled.
Propulsion: CO2 x1.
Action: Double-Action only repeater.
Ammunition Type: 4.5mm Steel BB's.
Ammunition Capacity: 30 rounds.
FPS: 480.

I was pleasantly surprised with the Umarex Morph 3X CO2 BB Gun, I expected it to be much different from a lot of the other airguns I have reviewed since it is so versatile with all of its configurations. I was not expecting it to be so powerful with only the short 4.5 inch inner barrel. I was again surprised but the accuracy, not many BB guns get a 3/4 inch grouping at 30 feet out! Another kind of cool feature I didn't even know about at first is the ability to adjust the velocity using a screw for higher or lower fps. Lower fps will maximize the amount of shots you get from a 12 gram CO2 while higher fps is just kind of more fun to shoot in. I also don't often recommend BB guns for pest control but in this case with how light weight and easy the Umarex Morph 3X CO2 BB Gun is to break down and put in a backpack, and the fact that it is fairly powerful and accurate out to 300 feet. I feel in a pinch you could take down some small vermin if you found yourself hungry and lost in the woods.

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