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ASG Ruger MK II Dual Tone CO2 6mm Airsoft Pistol Table Top Review

(356 raters) 56,614 views - 7/4/2015
Check out the my written Table Top Review for the ASG Ruger MK II Dual Tone CO2 6mm Airsoft Pistol:

-Gas Powered
-6mm Plastic Airsoft BB
-15 Round All Metal Drop Out Magazine
-Ruger Mark II Replica
-Semi Auto - Double Action Only
-Non-Blowback Action (CO2 )
-417 FPS
-Available from

This video is a walkthrough review of the ASG "Ruger" MK II Non-blowback CO2 Airsoft Pistol. I show off this airgun close up from all angles and point out the metal and plastic components and also the features and benefits of this Airsoft pistol. There is no actual shooting or testing of this pistol but I will be doing a follow up Filed Test Shooting Review shortly!

Compared to the my previous review of the ASG Ruger MK I, the MK II for me is a big improvement. The metal upper barrel assembly makes all the difference in terms of weight and feel and with the two-tone look it is for sure a very attractive looking pistol. I also prefer using CO2 for the increased performance of higher fps and less cool down effect over a gas system. I am hopping my Field test Shooting video goes well and the ASG Ruger MK II Dual Tone CO2 6mm Airsoft Pistol performs on point for me.

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