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Umarex Browning Hi-power Mark III CO2 BB Pistol Preview

- 4/6/2012 12:32:54 AM - Umarex Browning Hi-power Mark III CO2 BB Pistol Preview.

-CO2 Powered (12 Gram)
-4.5mm BB's
-410 FPS
-18 Round Drop Out Magazine
-Semi Automatic Single & Double Action Trigger
-Replica of Browning Hi-Power Pistol

I received another airgun from Umarex USA, this time it was the Browning Hi-Power Mark III in a 4.5mm CO2 BB Pistol. (Thanks for sending it Umarex!) I did have to cross the boarder and bring it back which always adds to the excitement because you never know what to expect and how educated the CBSA guard will be? It did go pretty smoothly this instance so I had some time to make this short Preview video for you.

I cover some of the basic specifications and give a short walk around of the Umarex Browning Hi-Power.

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