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Gletcher SS 2202 Metal Slide CO2 BB Pistol Field Test Shooting Review

(147 raters) 17,528 views - 4/11/2015
Check out the my full Table Top Review for the Gletcher SS 2202 Metal Slide CO2 BB Pistol including detailed photos: http://www.replicaairguns.com/posts/2015/4/6/gletcher-ss-2202-metal-slide-co2-bb-pistol-table-top-review.html

This is my Official Field Test Shooting Review video for the Gletcher SS 2202 Metal Slide CO2 BB Pistol. You can also checkout my full review including a Field Test for the KWC SP 2022 which by the way is pretty much the exact same BB pistol but distributed by KWC rather than Gletcher.

In this Field Test Shooting video I test out the performance of the Gletcher SS 2202 Metal Slide using my Chronograph to get a real world Feet Per Second rating, I also step back 30 feet and shoot 10 rounds at a paper target using a semi rested position (Sand bag up front and standing in the back).

In terms of velocity the Gletcher SS 2202 Metal Slide CO2 BB Pistol performed very close to the KWC SP 2022 review I did earlier shooting as high as 468 fps. I did have some chronograph miss-readings that made the average come down a bit but I would say a flawless string of readings would have been around 450+ fps.

Stepping back 30 feet and shooting at my paper target, the Gletcher SS 2202 CO2 BB Pistol produced a respectable 4 inch grouping that was just a little to the left but not by too much. I really like the trigger on the Gletcher SS 2202 CO2 BB Pistol, for a double action only pistol it is very smooth, light and not overly long! The release is very predictable and there is zero stickiness in the first stage.

The fairly high fps for a shorter barrel pistol is most likely due to a more than average amount of CO2 released per shot but even so you can expect close to 100 shots per CO2. If you plan on using the Gletcher SS 2202 in your back yard, keep in mind that it is louder than most CO2 BB pistols, it really gives a nice loud crack with each shot.

All in all a real decent performance out of the Gletcher SS 2202 Metal Slide CO2 BB Pistol, if you are a Sig Sauer fan like I am then this Sig Pro replica is a no brainer to have in your collection!

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