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Having Some Outdoor Fun with the Air Venturi HellBoy M4

(196 raters) 6,831 views - 7/6/2018
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It's been a while since I made a just for fun shooting video, especially a multi-camera kinda tactical shooting video. Well the weather was nice, I had the perfect CO2 Air Rifle for the job, the Air Venturi HellBoy, and I need to keep things simple since I am in contest prep for a fitness show I am doing this weekend and being so low on calories and high on activity messes with the brain a little bit which makes it hard to focus.

This all made for the perfect opportunity to get outside the the Replica Airguns indoor Sea Can Airgun Shooting Range and shoot my Air Venturi HellBoy CO2 BB M4 at some different targets.

To make this video as interesting as possible I have several cameras setup to capture the action from multiple angles. So watch me have some outdoor fun with the Air Venturi HellBoy M4 CO2 BB Rifle as I slay as many clay pigeons as I can...

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