ASG TAC-4.5 CO2 Air Rifle Table Top Review

(213 raters) 12,890 views - 3/26/2018
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Type: BB Rifle.
Manufacturer: ASG.
Model: TAC 4.5.
Materials: Plastic with some internal metal parts.
Weight: 3.5 pounds (1588 grams).
Barrel: 12 inches, metal non-rifled.
Propulsion: 12 gram CO2 x 1.
Action: Semi auto, double action only.
Ammunition Type: 4.5mm BB's.
Ammunition Capacity: 21 round metal stick magazine.
FPS: 417.

It's nice when a new action shooting air rifle comes out on the market since there are not a ton of them. The ASG TAC 4.5 CO2 Air Rifle is a nice addition if you're looking for a BB shooter for plinking around the yard. You can also get an Airsoft firing version too called the ASG TAC 6 CO2 Airsoft Rifle if you want to shoot some rounds that are a little bit less destructive and more game friendly. The ASG TAC 4.5 CO2 Air Rifle offers a lot of customizability with its top and bottom rails for accessories which allow for the placement of the included removable iron sights and Bipod. I would recommend adding a red dot sight and perhaps even a tac light to really dec out this modern looking air rifle.

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