Baikal Drozd Classic IZH MP-661K BB Machine Gun Review

(386 raters) 192,404 views - 8/20/2011 - Baikal Drozd Classic IZH MP-661K BB Machine Gun Review.

-CO2 Powered (12 Gram)
-4.5mm Metal BB's
-500 FPS (Single Shot)
-30 Round Drop Out Magazine
-Semi & Full Auto with Electronic Trigger
-Styled after a Sub Machine gun
-Available at: the Replica Airguns Store

This is a table top review of the Baikal Drozd Classic IZH MP-661K CO2 BB Machine gun. I show you around this utilitarian looking BB machine gun and walk you through its basic operation and handling. I show you my target test shooting results from 30 feet out while using a Red Dot Scope in single fire and full auto burst mode. This CO2 BB machine gun has a claimed Feet Per Second rating of up to 500fps in single shot mode but is capable of much more with some basic modifications. I test it out on an already well used CO2 cartage to see what you can really expect to see in terms of feet per second ratings and the Baikal Drozd still preformed well in the velocity department.

The Baikal Drozd Classic BB shooter is mostly high grade polymer on the outside but has some metal parts on the inside along with a metal barrel and mostly metal magazine giving it a good overall weight and feel but with a few accessories added, it quickly gains some more weight to it. This again was another really fun review to make for you and I found the Baikal Drozd to be well worth the extra money and a wonderful BB machine gun for Pest control on those little vermin that just don't want to stand still for you!

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