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Specna Arms RRA SA C10 Core and E10 Edge Table Top Review

- 11/7/2020 9:47:41 PM

Type: AEG Airsoft Rifles
Manufacturer: Specna Arms.
Model: RRA SA-C10 / RRA SA-E10
Materials: Fiberglass reenforced plastic and metal/aluminum.
Weight: C10 4.9 pounds ( 2.2 kg) - E10 5.1 pounds (2.3 kg).
Total Length: 21.7 - 25.2 inches (550 - 640mm).
Barrel: 6.7 inch (170mm) inner 6.03mm tight bore barrel non rifled.
Propulsion: AEG.
Action: Single action semi & full auto.
Ammunition Type: .6mm plastic Airsoft BB’s.
Ammunition Capacity: Mid cap 120 round magazines.
FPS: 375 - 390 fps with installed spring, included M90 spring will be lower fps.

Value for your money is what comes to mind when I think about the entire Specna Ams AEG Airsoft Riffle product line. And this goes for not only the lower priced Core Series but also the premium Edge Series. Both version are built supper tuff with quality components throughout. You are just getting upgrades you are probably going to do at some point in time with the Edge Series and of course more metal components when you spend about $100 more for a similar Edge version. I figure if you can muster up the extra cash then go with an Edge Specna Arms AEG Airsoft Rifle, that said, any of the Core models will be money well spent.

Make sure not also watch my previous Specna Arms YouTube Video where I introduce the product line, show you around several models and talk about the key differences between the Core and Edge versions:

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