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Rx Target Systems Preview Video

(87 raters) 2,745 views - 3/9/2020
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I want to thank David Bitkowski from Rx Target Systems for providing me with this sample unit to share with the Replica Airguns community. This video is only a Preview video as I wanted to get the RX Target System out there before I follow up with my actual Table Top and Shooting Videos for it.

For now here are some of the key points I want to get out to everyone:

Rx Target Systems are meant to bridge the gap between firearms and airguns. They allow high precision shooting on a reactive, three- dimensional, rugged target that can be carted around in a back pack. What makes Rx Target Systems unique is that it is a system. It is so modular and adaptable with interchangable faceplates and paddles. Rx Target Systems are not going to break or get dented or dissembled on the range as many of the lighter gauged steel targets on the market today vs today’s high powered airguns.

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