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Umarex Beretta 90two CO2 BB Pistol Full Review

(1416 raters) 522,463 views - 7/17/2012 - Umarex Beretta 90two CO2 BB Pistol Full Review.

-CO2 BB Pistol
-4.5mm Steel BB's
-375+ FPS
-21 Round Capacity
-Single & Double Action Trigger
-Beretta 90two Replica
-Available at:

This is a table top and shooting review combined of the Umarex Beretta 90two CO2 4.5mm BB pistol. I show you around the gun and walk you through its basic operation and handling. I also test the Umarex Beretta 90two out with my Chrony Chronograph to see what the real world fps velocity actually is and I also shoot it from 20 feet out on a target to see how accurate this target BB shooter is and overall it was a great looker and performer.

Right off the bat I have to say the Umarex Beretta 90two is a step up from the Elite II, not that there is anything wrong with the Elite II, but given the choice I would go with the Beretta 90two as it's simply a more realistic version of the Beretta 92 with its working metal slide and full size drop out magazine that holds both the BB's and CO2 in it. On the performance side of things, the Umarex Beretta 90two also met or exceeded my expectations so the 90 two is not just built for show. If your a beretta fan looking for a realistic Beretta styled air gun and don't want to spend the big bucks for the all metal German made Umarex version, then the Beretta 90two is an excellent option to consider adding to your collection or even as a first time BB gun purchaser!

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