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Umarex Browning Buck Mark URX Pellet Pistol Table Top & Shooting Review

(1000 raters) 257,983 views - 6/30/2012 - Umarex Browning Buck Mark URX Pellet Pistol Table Top & Shooting Review.

-Break Barrel Spring Piston
-.177 Caliber Pellets
-320 FPS
-Single Shot
-Single Action Only
-Browning Buck Mark URX Replica
-Available at:

This is a table top and shooting review combined of the Umarex Browning Buck Mark URX Spring Piston .177 Caliber Air Pistol. I show you around the gun and walk you through its basic operation and handling. I also test the Umarex Browning URX out with my Chrony Chronograph to see what the real world fps velocity actually is and I also shoot it from 30 feet out on a target to see how accurate this target pellet shooter is.

I enjoyed this pistol review very much, this is the type of airgun you find hard to put down because it just performs so well and costs very little to shoot. Being a 22LR Buck Mark owner it was wonderful to see that Umarex made this gun very true to form, at least as much as they could considering the pellet shooting Browning Buck Mark URX is mechanically completely different to the 22LR version. The light cocking effort makes it great for just about anyone and the low recoil helps to keep your shots on target. I would recommend this break barrel pellet shooting Buck Mark replica to everyone. I seriously can not think of any person that would not enjoy it ;)

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