Umarex Glock 19 CO2 BB Pistol Field Test Shooting Review

(836 raters) 112,590 views - 8/28/2018
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Type: Non-blowback CO2 BB Pistol.
Manufacturer: Distributed by Umarex.
Model: Glock 19.
Materials: Metal & Polymer.
Weight: 1.6 pounds (725 grams).
Barrel: Metal Non-rifled.
Propulsion: CO2 x 1.
Action: Semi auto non-blowback, double action only trigger.
Ammunition Type: 4.5mm BB's.
Ammunition Capacity: 16 round drop out metal stick magazine.
FPS: Claimed 410.

I think the low cost Umarex Glock 19 CO2 BB Pistol is a great choice for anyone looking for a licensed Glock BB pistol to get some trigger time with for pennies a shot and without having to always go to a gun range to shoot. The Umarex Glock 19 CO2 BB Pistol feels and holds pretty much the same as a real Glock 19 and even has a similar trigger feel, maybe not 100% but in the ball park. Sure you will not get that simulated recoil since there is no blowback but you do get a lot of shots per CO2 and more power than most CO2 Blowback pistols.

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