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KJWorks KP-11 Hi-Capa 1911 CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol Field Test Review

(149 raters) 12,028 views - 9/30/2016
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KJWorks CO2 Airsoft Full Metal 1911
-Metal Slide with Polymer Frame Design.
-2Pounds (930 grams).
-Adjustable Hop-up.
-366+ fps
-28 Round CO2 Magazine
-Blowback SAO

In this Field Test Shooting video I test out the KJWorks KP-11 Hi-Capa 1911 CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol to determine what the real work velocity is and also how well it performs in terms of accuracy. To test velocity I use a my Chrony Chronograph and do my best to get 5 good readings which I then average out. I always use a brand new 12 gram CO2 cartridge and generally use .20 gram plastic Airsoft BB's for my entire Field Testing. To test accuracy I set myself up 30 feet back using a semi rested position, to do this I place a sand bag to rest my hand and gun on and then stand securely in the back while I place 10 rounds on a paper target. There is obviously some humane factor involved but I can usually get a good idea on how accurate a given gun is.

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