Velocity Outdoor SHOT Show 2019 Interview

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This may be a bit confusion to some of you but Crosman has done a bit of a rebrand and is now going by the name of Velocity Outdoor. This is because Crosman has been acquiring more and more products over the years that are not necessarily airgun related and felt that putting all the brands under the name Velocity Outdoor made more sense from a company stand point. Of course in this video we are going to focus in on the Crosman Products within Velocity Outdoor.

So what’s new? Well an even better Crosman DPMS SBR! How can you make the Crosman DPMS SBR even better? By creating an updated or version 2 called the Bushmaster MPW. It comes in two tone black and false dark earth with a shorter hadnguard yet it keeps it’s barrel leith by extending the barrel right to the end of the mock suppressor. Tis can also swap out the but stock with any AR but stock and the Bushmaster MPW comes with a red dot sight. Internally the Bushmaster MPW and the Crosman DPMS SBR are the same...

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