Gletcher M1891 Sawn Off Mosin Nagant Rifle CO2 4.5mm BB Gun Review

(932 raters) 169,566 views - 9/12/2014 - Gletcher M1891 Sawn Off Mosin Nagant Rifle CO2 4.5mm BB Gun Review.

-12 gram CO2
-4.5mm Steel BB's
-Bolt - single shot - single action.
-16 Round Full Size Drop Out Metal Magazine.
-394 FPS
-5.7 Pounds (Metal with imitation wood stock)
-Reviewed by:

This video is a walkthrough review of the Gletcher M1891 Sawn Off Mosin Nagant CO2 BB Rifle. I show off this BB Replica close up from all angles and point out the mostly metal construction and go through the features and benefits of this very unique and historic replica BB rifle.

I do perform a pre-test where I shoot some rounds through my Chronograph and also take aim at a paper target from 30 feet back to see how accurate the Gletcher M1891 is.

The Gletcher M1891 is one of the most interesting BB guns I have had the opportunity to review, it has history, it's kind of a pistol and kind of a rifle at the same time and in this sawn off configuration it looks both old school and modern. I could almost see it being used as the perfect zombi gun ;) Getting away from it's unique looks, the Gletcher M1891 performs very well, shooting a respectable 430 fps with accuracy that surprised me since I found it a bit hard to hold at first. There is something very gratifying about having to work a bot or lever or the hammer on a single action revolver that makes each shot just that much more precious! If you're looking for that ultimate eye catcher that people will have to take a second look at than this is the one for you.

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