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Umarex AirJavelin and AirSaber Archery CO2 & PCP Arrow Rifle Table Top Review

(272 raters) 11,435 views - 6/17/2020
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Type: Archery.
Manufacturer: Umarex.
Model: AirJavelin & AirSaber.
Materials: Metal & polymer construction.
Weight: 3.9 pounds / 6.3 pounds no scope.
Foot Pounds Energy: 34 ft/lbs / 124 ft/lbs.
Total Length: 34 inches / 41 inches.
Propulsion: 88 gram CO2 x1 / PCP 3625 PSI, 250 cc.
Action: Bolt single action.
Ammunition Type: Carbon fiber 190 grain / 350 grain arrows (Field tip can be swapped over to broad-head)
Ammunition Capacity: 1 Arrow.
Max FPS: 300 / 450.

The Umarex AirJavelin and Umarex AirSaber Archery CO2 and PCP Arrow Rifles are very interesting in that they are really the only Canada legal “firearms” that can actually put down small, medium and even large game without requiring a firearms license (PAL). This is because they do not exceed 500 fps, they do exceed the foot pound energy limit of 4.2 foot pounds but since both of these rifles do not exceed the 500 fps limit they do not exceed both requirements to place them in the regulated firearms category that requires a firearms license. This is great news for anyone in Canada without a PAL license that wants to be able to hunt various game or take care of pests humanly. Umarex has also been kind enough to bring us two variations on this design. The Umarex AirJavelin more economical and easier to use CO2 powered version designed for small to medium sized game and the Umarex AirSaber higher quality PCP powered big brother version designed to be used even for larger game. Both are great, all you need to do is pick which one is right for you!

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