Replica Airguns Silent Auction of Hard to Get Canada Blank Guns

(155 raters) 6,950 views - 11/3/2018
I have some harder to get here in Canada Blank Guns that I am selling from my personal collection by way off Silent Auction. These Blank Guns are more for the Canadian collector and perhaps not so much for the first time buyer. I would recommend for the first time Blank Gun buyer that you checkout our selection off brand new ROHM Blank Guns that we sell in our Canada Replica Airguns Store so check those ROHM Blank Guns out as they are excellent German made Blank Guns in a variety of styles. You can buy them here:

Getting back to the Blank Guns in my personal collection. They are all previously owned, most only test fired once for review. Below is a listing of the Blank Guns I am offering in this Silent Auction with what I feel is there approximate value:

ARAL 622K Black 9mm PAK Front Firing New (Just fired once for review video): $299

EKOL Aras Compact 9mm PAK Gloss Black Front Firing (New Condition): Missing magazine, should be able to buy and import magazine into Canada pretty easy. Takes the same magazine as most of the EKOL Blank Guns (Jackal, Dicle, ASI, Firat) $299

Bruni Mod. 92 8mm PAK Black Top Venting in working condition: A bit weathered but still looks good and super solid gun. Comes in a real Beretta case. $299

EKOL Arda 8mm PAK Gloss Back (Just fired once for review video): $199

Email me here to bid on a Blank Gun or multiple Blank Guns: