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Diana Bandit PCP .177 Caliber Bolt Action Pellet Pistol Field Test Review

(105 raters) 3,069 views - 9/25/2020
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Type: Pellet Pistol
Manufacturer: Diana.
Model: Bandit
Materials: Wood and Metal, some plastic.
Weight: 2.2 pounds (1000 grams).
Total Length: 20.1 inches (51 cm)
Barrel: 9.5 inches (24 cm), metal rifled.
Propulsion: PCP.
Action: Bolt.
Ammunition Type: .177 & .22 Caliber pellets.
Ammunition Capacity: Single shot to 9 & 7 round magazines..
FPS: 725 (.177) - 630 (.22). Need to test for Canada import version

The trigger feels pretty decent, not super light or to heavy, there is a little bit of take-up and then a slight resistance then a quick release. The bolt action along with the 9 round rotary magazine worked flawlessly for me with no jamming at all. For the low price this PCP Target Pellet Pistol comes in at you really can’t go wrong and if you want to modify or upgrade it down the road there are tons of things you can do to the Diana Bandit PCP .177 Caliber Bolt Action Pellet Pistol. I highly recommend the Diana Bandit PCP .177 Caliber Bolt Action Pellet Pistol if you are looking for a super affordable PCP target pellet pistol.

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