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Umarex HK45 Metal Slide CO2 BB Pistol Field Test Review

(578 raters) 111,954 views - 6/21/2015
Check out the my written Field Test Review for the Umarex HK45 Metal Slide CO2 BB Pistol including some detailed photos:

In this Field test Shooting Review I again get out from under my deck roofing and take my Chronograph and target shooting onto the pool patio. I may as well take advantage of the great summer weather we are having and get some rays while I shoot a video :)

Overall the velocity and accuracy of the Umarex HK45 are really good for this low cost BB pistol, the double action trigger is a bit long and on the medium pull, side but that is to be expected. The white dot sights make acquiring just about any target easy which may have helped me in my accuracy portion of the test.

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