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Umarex REKT OPFOUR CO2 Foam Dart Rifle Table Top Review

(175 raters) 6,833 views - 5/22/2020
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Type: Nerf Type Gun.
Manufacturer: Umarex
Materials: Mostly plastic build with some internal metal parts.
Weight: 1 pound 8 oz (680 grams).
Length: 30 inches (762mm).
Propulsion: 12 gram CO2 x2.
Action: Pump single action.
Ammunition Type: Nerf type foam darts.
Ammunition Capacity: 12 rounds.
Max FPS: NA. Claimed 30% faster and 30% father than standard similar type Nerf spring pistols.

The Umarex REKT OPFOUR CO2 Foam Dart Rifle may be the ideal indoor fun Nerf styled rifle right now while we are all staying at home a lot more these days. Sure you could use a standard Nerf Gun but having a CO2 powered AR-15 looking Nerf gun is way cooler! I like that the Umarex REKT OPFOUR CO2 Foam Dart Rifle is more realistic looking then a traditional Nerf Gun, perhaps the perfect intermediary gun if you want something between a Nerf Gun and an Airsoft Gun? If you’re interested in a pistol version of the REKT line of Nerf Dart shooting guns then checkout the REKT OPSIX.

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