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Is an Airgun Good for Self Defense Revisit

(1374 raters) 72,392 views - 5/3/2019
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A while back I made a YouTube Video named” Is an Airgun Good for Self Defense?” It’s been pretty popular on YouTube getting over 2 million video views and I get a lot fo feedback from my viewers with varying opinions on this issue. I like constrictive feedback and enjoy hearing what my YouTube viewers have to say as long as everyone is being civil about it and not just trying to start an argument.

In my first video on this subject I pretty much go on the record saying I don’t think Airguns are a good choice for self defense and there are for sure way better alternatives but many of you disagreed with me and so I decided to make this update or revisit video and go over some of the top pushback comments I get and see if they have some merit to them.

Here are the top 4 pushback comments I get the most often:

-When the bad guy sees the airgun they are going to run away thinking it’s a real gun.

-Just shoot the bad guy in the eyes / face.

-Use an HPA large caliber rifle.

-Use a full auto high capacity Airgun.

Watch my “Is an Airgun Good for Self Defense Revisit” YouTube video to see how I address these pushback comments.

Watch my original “Is an Airgun Good for Self Defense” Video!

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