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Customer Reviews for H&K T4E 416 Training Marker Paintball Rifle

Brand: Umarex Canada

Type: Paintball Rifle
Manufacturer: Umarex
Model: T4E HK 416
Materials: Full Metal
Weight: 3016 g (6.65 lb)
Barrel: Smoothbore
Power Source: CO2
Action: Semi-Automatic
Ammo Type: .43 Paintballs
Ammo Capacity: 14 rounds
FPS: 360

Trigger Pull: Pretty typical of what you would find on an AR styled rifle. Since the internal bolt cycles with each shot, the trigger is engaged and the paintball rifle is ready for the next shot with a very light and short single action trigger pull.

Accuracy: I shot a short string of rubber rounds through my chronograph and got a 280 FPS average with the Umarex T4E HK 416. This is plenty power for the intended target down range to feel the paintball effect without causing too much trauma. I then set up a paper target 30 feet down range and using a rested and seated shooting position and carefully unloaded the paintball rifle. I was surprised to see the rounds spread out a fair amount, perhaps as much as 10-12 inches but at least half were in the target rings.

Build Quality: Very good since this paintball gun is made for military and law enforcement training use. You’re going to find high quality metal and polymer where you would normally find them on the real steel version. The bolt carrier is expected to last at least 3000 shots but you do get an extra one included with it.

Realism: The fully licensed Umarex T4E HK 416 Training Marker Paintball Rifle is about as realistic as you are going to get in a paintball rifle. It’s basically made very similar to a GBB Airsoft Rifle of the same type with a working bolt and pretty much all working parts on it. You can even break the Umarex T4E T4E HK 416 Training Marker CO2 Paintball Rifle down into the lower and upper receiver halves. The bolt blowback action is not super strong but this may be a good thing since CO2 usage will be more efficient allowing for higher fps and more shots per CO2.


  • Military grade training rifle with authentic weight, feel and action
  • Fully licensed Heckler & Koch replica with official trademarks
  • Realistic full metal receiver, barrel, and RIS
  • Quad rail handguard can be equipped with scopes, lasers, or foregrips
  • Full-sized 14rd magazine with CO2 compartment
  • Package includes a spare bolt group


  • Does not feature full-auto firing
  • Blue furniture detracts from realism
  • Bolt begins to wear out after 3000 rounds

Comments: The T4E (Training for Engagement) HK 416 is so realistic, its used as a training weapon by law enforcement and the military! This .43 caliber air gun is a 1:1 scale replica of the Heckler & Koch HK416, with a full metal frame and bright blue polymer grip, telescopic stock, and drop out magazine. It fires .43 marking rounds at speeds approaching 460 FPS, accurate up to a range of 30ft. The CO2 system puts remarkably little stress on the gun’s internals. Although the bolt group will start to wear out after 3000 rounds, Umarex includes a free spare bolt group to swap in.

Buy the Magazine: UMX2292107

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Money Value
Jun 28, 2020

Great marker

Nice out the box even better when you fit official HK furniture as it's milspec. It looks amazing with the all black OEM Heckler & Koch parts. An addition to the T4E line up. Perfect for CQB training. Fires anything from rubber/steel/nylon/PVC/dust/chalk/pepper/paintballs to homemade stuff that's .43. worth every penny. I would definitely buy another one just to pimp out.
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Money Value
Jun 08, 2020

This thing is sick!

I have this in all black from europe, its totally interchangeable and it shoots glass, steel, rubber, paint, pvc riot balls, pepper, rubber coated steel balls, glass balls are the best, hard and light get 11mm glass balls they fit perfect the rubber balls are a lil smaller making them less accurate and they hit hard!
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