ASG AW .308 Airsoft Sniper Rifle - 449fps

Brand: ASG
Price: $235.13
Price: $235.13
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Type: Airsoft Rifle
Manufacturer: ASG
Model: AW .308 Airsoft Sniper Rifle
Materials: Metal and plastic
Weight: 6.61 pounds (3 kg)
Barrel: 19 inches (483 mm), smoothbore
Power Source: Spring
Action: Bolt action, single shot
Ammo Type: Airsoft 6mm plastic BBs
Ammo Capacity: 28 rounds
FPS: 449

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the ASG AW .308 Sniper Rifle is very nice, there is very little play. Once the trigger safety is flush the release is almost instant and the pull is very light, but not so light that you would accidentally shoot it.

Accuracy: Being an airsoft rifle and a sniper rifle in one made me wonder if you could actually get a tight grouping at longer distances? I'm sure hitting a human target at 60 feet shouldn't be too hard but what about a pop can consistently? With a bit of fine tuning I was able to get a 2 inch grouping at 60 feet out using a rested position. And with the hop-up dialed in, my aim point was the same at 30 feet as it was at 60 feet as a result of the backspin keeping the trajectory even all the way out.

Build Quality: The ASG AW .308 is not over the top pricewise so I was not expecting it to be built like a Sherman tank. It is however solid enough but also light enough to use in the field without having to lug around too much extra weight. Most of the parts that you want to be metal are metal including the barrel, bolt and receiver, trigger, magazine, strap rings and rial system. The stock is of course plastic with some added rubber and seems to be hollow in parts which I am assuming is what keeps this rifle on the lean side.

Realism: Without actually having handled a real AW .308 Accuracy International England Sniper Rifle, it's hard to say how spot on it is but it does look very similar to the photos I found online with the exception of the magazine being further forward on the stock. It is a nice touch that the actual Accuracy International England licensing is also on the ASG AW .308.


  • Even though it's not a semi or full-auto gun, it is extremely fun to shoot
  • No CO2 or batteries required, ready when you are
  • Excellent accuracy at most ranges
  • Very nice trigger
  • Good power
  • Good use of metal parts
  • Will not break the bank


  • Does not come with a sighting system so you need to buy something to shoot it
  • Light airsoft BBs will not give you good results, use high end heavy airsoft BBs for best results
  • Non-adjustable stock (did not have any problems with it though)
  • US version comes with orange tip

Comments: I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing this airsoft rifle, you would think that a full auto gun would be so much more fun to shoot and don't get me wrong they are fun to shoot, but there is something to be said about setting up a target well down range, getting into position to take the shot and slowly squeezing off one well-placed round! I really like the fact that all you need is a bunch of airsoft BBs and you're ready to go, no CO2 or dead batteries to deal with. Every time I do another airsoft review I am impressed with how well these guns shoot and how accurate they are! The ASG AW .308 took this to an even higher level and also showed me that an airsoft BB can pack some real punch to it. All in all it was a good day and I have a feeling when I get the urge to fire off some well-placed rounds just for fun, this rifle is going to get picked more often than not.

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